alors là

Interactive multimedia installation, 2008

The pronunciation of number ‘8’ in south Chinese accent is ‘Fa’, which means making a fortune and become rich and powerful. The opening day of Beijing Olympic Game was scheduled on 08/08/2008, the numbers here represented the symbolic  significance of number ‘8’. Nowaday, against the backdrop of globalization of capitals and market, everyone is busy for ‘8’. However, graphicaly speaking, number ‘8’ is a closed line without begining and end.
Technical description:
A bended ‘8’- shape steel tube of nozzle diameter 48 mm, with its height and circular arc diameter both 6 meters. On the surface of the tube there are wooden panels attached, painted black, then 80 LCD screens are installed on the wooden panels. The images on the screens are controlled by two computers, a sound control inductor and an interface.On the screens, the images of a flock creeping from one screen to another, along the ‘8’shape, as if they are merely a group of ants hurrying back and forth in the tunnel.

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