alors là

Interactive multimedia installation, 2006

The Installation includes a projection on the walls, of 20 m length and 2,5 m height each one which face.We can see there are12 cars which enter in collision against a wall.
This Installation, located in a public space, reacted to the passages of the walkers who become the actors of a drama in one confusing Interactive. The choice of public places makes it possible to circumvent the fear for the man in the street of crossing the threshold of the cultural places, it is consequently confronted with art in public space.This project reflects for its author a metaphorical vision of the world chaotic landscape, social upheavals And shocks, fears and insecurities lived within a group.
While exposing the visitor to scenarized virtual dangers, the installation places it physically and emotionnellement face-face a worrying reality filled of accidents, potential destruction and dramas.

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