alors là

Installation multimédia ,2001

The installation consists of a large screen with half a table affixed to it.In the video, 8 Dr. Dus appear in the background, dressed in white coats and surrounding a table with a lifeless body lying on it, that of Mr. Du. The 8 Dr. Dus observe Mr. Du. That is the anatomy lesson.In this image’s foreground, the real table virtually extends into the animation: a second Mr. Du lies down on it—half real, half virtual. When a viewer approaches the screen, his presence is detected and he is invited to become an “actor” in the lesson. The 8 Dr. Dus leave the background of the image and, in an orderly manner, station themselves in a half-circle around the first table. As long as the visitor remains there, the 8 Dr. Dus continue to look at him as if inviting him to take or give an anatomy lesson. If the visitor moves away, the 8 Dr. Dus also withdraw, returning to the background of the animation.

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