alors là

Interactive multimedia installation, 2007
Dome dimension: D 12m, H 8.1m, 2007.</br>This dome can be installed in both inside and outside of exhibition space. Inside of dome, comes with 12 thermo-sensors.Each sensor is installed onto a metal-structure, total 12 pieces, with same hight 1,6m.Each temperature-sensors contains two functions: one shows the current temperature. Another one is the temperature which can turn on the image of fl ames. 12 metal-structures should position in circle.The whole space of dome with 360° will be covered by the image out of 5 projectors.Visitors can be interacted with artwork by lighting up temperature sensor then turn on the image of flames.Projected fl ame is burning the fl ags of 200 countries.Each sensor can be lighted up individually.Projected image of fl ame can last 2 minutes; after then, it can be repeated by another visitor.If 12 sensors are turned on at the same time, then the image of explosion eff ect will be shown.This scene includes three sections, one minute each.

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