alors là

Interactive multimedia installation, 1998

This piece presents an automated selection of 20 animations, all of which are related to qualities of light. A cursor randomly wanders over a checkerboard pattern consisting of 20 cells. Every minute, the computer’s clock suspends the trajectory of the cursor so that it locks onto one cell.This activates an animation corresponding to the category of light indicated on the cell. Every
minute, a new “stage” of lights is randomly selected out of the 20 possibilities. The different types of lighting play on the quantity and the power of the light sources (intensity, diffusion). Like real projections, these luminous fields light up a figure reacting to the torture. Each session can last up to 2 or 3 minutes.Then the checkerboard reappears . . . for another random navigation of the cursor, before freezingagain and activating a new assault by light. The cycle is endless, the suffering is anonymous . . .

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